About us

Our Mission

Peak 4 Poverty’s mission is to raise awareness about children who have either been infected, or affected by the AIDS/HIV virus in Tanzania. The philosophy is to empower these children through education so that they can achieve economic self sufficiency, access to affordable housing, health care, and meaningful employment on which they can build and secure a successful future.

The idea is not to provide them with only an education, but to provide support to these orphans from elementary school to college, and to arm them with the ability to fight poverty within their communities, and to perpetuate the cycle of volunteerism.

Looking towards the future –

Peak 4 Poverty will continue to focus primarily on AIDS/HIV orphans riddled with poverty through a twice-yearly Mt. Kilimanjaro climb and fundraising effort, with a goal of educating Tanzania’s orphans through trade school or college.

We envision a sustainable model for educating the orphans of Tanzania, by building a framework to educate them and prepare them to move beyond the vicious cycle of poverty and AIDS. The end results would be a society that is educated and aspires to be successful in the world.

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